Monday, 5 November 2007

My personal website is finally finished

After well over a year of gathering, sorting, designing and producing my personal website is finally up and running. It took a great deal of hard work and a whole lot of late nights and weekends to create but I am really pleased with how it turned out. Now at last I can get on with producing some brand new work to put on there.

I also have to say thanks to the countless people who I bugged for both their opinions and who patiently tested the numerous iterations on their home computers while I quizzed them over the phone....You know who you are!

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David Arroyo said...

Hey Lee,

I'm not sure if you remember me, but my name is David. I worked on the Dare to be Digital project last year at EA Games downstairs. I was on the Lucid Dream team... Anyways, I wanted to let you know that your website looks good. I was fortunate enough to have gotten a glimps of it when it was unfinished at the time so it's good to see the difference. So yeah... I will keep having a look on your site from time to time to see these new artworks of yours pop up here and there.

I wish you all the best and good luck with all your future projects. May all your dreams come true my dear friend. :)

David Arroyo